Painting Party FAQ

How far do you travel?

I travel within an approximate 1 1/2 hour radius of Trenton, Missouri.

How does it work?

You schedule a party at a location of your choice, and I will bring everything needed to create the art of your choosing with you and your  guests. Hosts may elect designs based on an event theme, or allow guests to choose from our design library. Everyone will leave with their beautiful art ready to hang along with a sense of pride and accomplishment! Please call, or go directly to the party booking form to book your next party or event.

Do you have a public studio?

No. Rural Art & Design's studio is unavailable for the public and our painting parties are completely mobile, bringing the fun directly to you. By avoiding the overhead costs associated with a commercial studio, we are able to provide our clients a wonderful opportunity at a much more affordable cost, and a convenient time and place of your choosing. 

What types of parties do you offer?

I offer a range of parties to accommodate all occasions and ages. There is no limit to the applications of our parties, from children’s parties to adult parties, bachelorette, birthdays, showers, engagements, couples and girls nights out, along with fundraising, corporate events, and much more. 

What type of payment do you accept?

While we accept cash or card (debit or credit), all party deposits are required in advance to reserve your date, and seat reservation payments are due 5 business days in advance to allow us time to prepare your supplies for the event. You can make payments before your party on line through our secured site.

What do you supply at the party?

From the instruction, project base, brushes, paints, tablecloths, cups, paper towels, and paper plates. 

What do I need to provide for my party?

As a host, you will need to provide tables and chairs, and ensure your space has enough room for each guest to work comfortably. Any place could be used for painting, such as a kitchen, family room, dining room, basement, garage, patio, driveway, or any other place you can think of. In addition, you will need to provide your own beverages and food, if you desire. As a guest, come ready to have fun! Because painting can be messy, it is best not to wear a nice outfit you would be upset to ruin. 

What are your business hours?

I am available for parties 7 days a week. Our calendar of events can be viewed here. We start parties as early as 9am and as late at 8pm. Exceptions can be arranged upon request. Please try to book your party as soon as possible, as the prime dates and times begin to fill up usually a month or two in advance. It is best to allow your guests at least 2-3 weeks notice of the event to allow them time to book and choose their art for the party. This also give us the time we need to prep your party supplies.

Do you provide food or beverage?

No we do not. Food or drink is at host discretion. 

Do you run specials?

Absolutely! Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list, along with following us on Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on the best deals as they are listed.

Why do I need a booking deposit?

A deposit is necessary to book your party, and secure your spot and time. With our the high volume of parties we do every month, a deposit is necessary to order supplies and prep your art.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We require a 7 day notice of cancellation for any parties booked. Parties canceled after the 7 day period will forfeit their deposits, as supplies are ordered 1-2 weeks in advance and prepped accordingly. A canceled party costs us money, because another party could have been booked for that time slot, and a week’s notice is hard to book another party. In order to continue to bring affordable painting parties to everyone everywhere, we must adhere to this policy. You may reschedule one time within 48 hours, but the deposit will be forfeited if the party is not held following the rescheduling period of 30 days.

What if I am a guest and my host cancels?

We feel it is unfair to ask a guest to forfeit their payment for their seat when they are not at fault. For this reason, we will honor guest rsvp cancellations should your event be cancelled.

I am a guest and I can no longer attend. Do I get a refund?

Your nonrefundable reservation allows us to order and prep supplies in advance. In the event you are unable to attend, you will have the option to either apply your payment towards one of our public painting events within the next 60 days or receive your supplies from your host. We will deliver them to the host on the day of the event and it will be your responsibility to connect with the host to gather your supplies. If neither of these options are chosen, the reservation amount will be forfeited.

What about Inclement Weather?

Obviously we cannot control what Mother Nature throws at us, so we will accommodate parties needing to be rescheduled or delayed due to inclement weather. The same applies to our team as well. All attempts will be made to perform the party as scheduled, but we understand that things happen out of our control. A rescheduled time and date will be arranged in this instance without penalty of deposit forfeiture. However, a party must be rescheduled within 30 days to not lose the deposit.

Rescheduling (Host)

You may reschedule 1 time at least one week prior to your party. A rescheduled party costs us money, because another party could have been booked for that time slot. In order to continue to bring affordable painting parties to everyone everywhere, we must adhere to this policy.

Rescheduling (Rural)

If in the instance that a situation arises out of our control, and we must reschedule the party on the day of the event to another date, then we will give a 50% discount for the entire rescheduled party. While this has not yet happened, life happens. We know everyone is busy, and the inconvenience of rescheduling a party on our end is a huge inconvenience for you, the consumer, and we will make every attempt to satisfy you, and therefore, give you an incredible party at a 50% discounted rate.

Can I choose my painting?

Absolutely! This is one of the unique offerings we are able to provide to our hosts. You can choose from a variety of designs or follow a particular theme. You also have the option to allow your guests to choose any image from our design library.

Can I have a custom design made?

We would love to create a custom design for you. A custom painting can be designed for your event for a minimum design fee charge.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

While we do not impose an age minimum, we ask that you use discretion in who you arm with a brush. We advise that you choose a painting according to the age and difficulty level of the painters participating, but know that there are no specific age requirements. We suggest 7 years and older and for the best painting experience.

Is there a guest minimum for private events?

Yes. In order for me to be able to provide this fun experience to everyone, we do require a minimum of 5 painters or the total amount be equal to that of 5 painters. The painter minimum allows us to insure that we can continue to afford the ability to travel for our clients. In the event that your party has less than 5 painters, that’s no problem! The party will still go on as scheduled, but you will be responsbile for the remaining painter's fees.  For instance, only 3 adult painters show up at a party, and the minimum is $175. The host would be responsible for making up the $70 difference to host the party. You have the option to speak to your guests to split this cost between you as well.

Our Right to Cancel

We reserve all rights to cancel a party for good cause. While we are bringing this fun experience to a wide range of individuals in different locations, sometimes with that experience certain hazards may be present. Those conditions include, but are not limited to environmental or weather related issues, or more importantly, perceived physical threats/harm. If we feel in any way threatened, intimidated, or uncomfortable with the situation of the party, upon arrival or during, it is in the our best judgement to cancel or stop the party if safety concerns are present in any form. This will be left up to our discretion, and will be a nonnegotiable term of our services. A review of the situation may be requested, and the reimbursement of said deposits or painters fees will be refunded at the sole discretion of Rural Art & Design.

Can we upgrade our experience?

Absolutely! We have multiple options for parties. Guests can choose from multiple sizes and substrates to fit their style.Just look under the party options at checkout, and pick the upgraded options you desire for your party.

Do you have franchising opportunities?

No. Rural Art & Design is a family run private company. We do not offer consulting services regarding our business in its entirety.

Are there Partnership opportunities?

We are always looking for creative ways to expand our image and develop partnerships with local communities and businesses. We currently partner up with locations that feel they would be a perfect fit for our painting parties such as community centers, businesses, organizations, wineries, or any facility that thinks that allowing the painting party experience would bring a unique experience to their location. If interested, please inquire at ruralartanddesign@gmail.com, or complete a contact form and we will be in touch.