Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decor

We know those little touches it takes for your house to feel like a home. A splash of color here, a great-smelling candle there, some rustic artwork hung up on the walls—it all comes together to make your space uniquely yours. Bring some down-to-earth warmth into your home with Rural Mercantile’s country style decor.

Skip the Big Box Chains & Support Local Artisans

We’re not some faceless mega-corporation that exploits cheap factory labor. We support local, homegrown artisans and support real, talented craftsmen by featuring their products on our site. When you shop Rural Mercantile, you’re getting a product made by people who put their whole heart into what they do. There’s no better place to find country style decor than right here.

Modern Farmhouse Art Decor Without the Boutique Pricing

We want our customers to spruce up their homes with modern farmhouse living room decor without tacking on a huge price tag. After all, our customers mean everything to us as a small, family-owned business. We want our low prices to keep you coming back for more!

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Drop In To Rural Mercantile, Online or In Person

If you’re lucky enough to be in Missouri, we’d love to welcome you to our brick and mortar store in Jamesport, Missouri. If not, you can always window shop right here online, or follow us on Instagram for the latest additions to our shop. We’re always looking to stock up on cute new trends, and you’ll be the first to see them if you’re following us.

Any questions about our modern farmhouse living room decor or our other products? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.