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There are so many ways to inject your personality into your decor. Are you bold and outgoing? Brightly colored accents could be the way to go. Is your home a sanctuary? Soothing blues will reflect your serenity. Whichever direction you choose to take, using lettered wall art andquotes for room decor can add character to your space.

There are several options when it comes to the type of quote decor. You’ve seen those cute and quirky standalone box signs everywhere, and for good reason! These simple, free-standing decorations are the perfect way to accent your end table, living room, bathroom, bedroom orkitchen with quote decor.If you have a surface or small wall space that looks frustratingly empty, these box signs are the perfect way to fill that space with personality. You can find adorable box art like this atRural Mercantile.Everything from comforting inspos to cheeky bathroom humor!

Keep It Meaningful

The key to using quotes for room decor? It should be something meaningful to you. That doesn’t mean you can’t have something funny, even a little snarky. Sometimes the funniest bathroom decor can make your guests laugh, and your home will feel warm and inviting rather than stuffy. You don’t want to use too many quotes though. For example, if you decorate your kitchen with quote decor, you might not want lettered wall art in another high-traffic room.

Funny quote for room decor.
You don’t have to limit your use ofquotes to room decor, either. This is a great way to inject a little personality into your entryway or hallway. We often forget these spaces when decorating our homes but you don’t have to call it good with just the bare walls of your favorite greige. Hanging wall art with a motivational or funny slogan can cheer up an otherwise dull space.

Multifunctional Art

Short on space but want to use quotes for room decor? Pick a few witty coffee mugs and display them on a mug tree or hooks instead of stashing them away in a cupboard. This way you can decorate your kitchen with quote decor even if you have limited wall space.

Choose Rural Mercantile for Unique Decor

At Rural Mercantile, we’re all about making casual fashion and home decor affordable and accessible for everyone. We have a large selection of home decor inspired by the rural Midwest that can add charm to any home. If you’re looking for quotes for room decor, start by browsing our shop online!

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