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January 04, 2021 2 min read

At Rural Mercantile, we practically live in graphic tee outfits some weeks. It’s hard to resist when they’re cute, comfortable, and oh-so-easy to style! Graphic tees may seem a step away from fun pajamas sometimes, but with these quick tips, you’ll be inspired to take your graphic tee outfit from the couch to the city.

Here are our top eight ways to style graphic tees!

1. Flannel and Jeans

Woman wearing a red graphic tee under a blue flannel button-up

A t-shirt under a flannel button-up is the classic fall ensemble for a laid-back look! Choose complementary colors, such as blue and red above, to accentuate both the flannel and the tee. They’ll look like they were designed to go together. Style graphic tees and flannels with jeans and bangles to create an easy yet put-together look.

2. Tied-Up with High-Waisted Short Shorts

Pink graphic tee styled with white denim shorts

It’s alright to let a little midriff show once in a while! This graphic tee outfit consists of a super cute tee tied at the belly button or the lower back, letting a tiny bit of skin show between the tie and the seam of your high-waisted, light wash jean shorts. This look makes your curves look amazing!

3. Embellished Denim Capris

Woman facing away from the camera wearing denim capris.

When a simple pair of jeans just won’t cut it, opt for a pair of fitted capris embellished with distressed details and embroidery. They let you style graphic tees so they’re a step up from a just-out-of-bed legging look.

4. Cowboy Boots and Distressed Jeans

Graphic tee outfit with jeans and cowboy boots.

If you have a country-themed graphic tee, you might as well go all the way. This graphic tee outfit consists of distressed jeans, a rustic choker, a thick leather belt, and, of course, cowboy boots. This is a perfect rural look!

5. Sunhat and High Heeled Sandals

Blue graphic tank with heeled sandals and a brown hat.

Kick your graphic game up a notch with high heels and a sunhat! Not only will these items give you some height, they’ll also style graphic tees so well that you’ll forget you’re wearing a casual tee. Keep dazzling us with some chunky jewelry and a bold makeup look.

6. Big Earrings and Baseball Caps

Graphic tee with statement earrings and cowboy boots.

Was there any hair, outfit, or style problem that a baseball cap couldn’t solve? These true-blue American hats are ideal for pulling together your graphic tee outfit. Add a couple loud and proud earrings so that your graphic tee isn’t the only star of the show.

7. Chunky Necklaces

Graphic tee outfit with a chunky necklace, jeans, and boots.

For a simple way to style graphic tees, look to your trusty chunky necklace. With a statement piece of jewelry like that, the attention won’t just be on your graphic tee.

8. Bold & Independent!

Bold graphic tee with leopard print lip design.

Let your graphic tee outfit speak for itself. Sometimes, the tee is so bold that you don’t want anything else to distract from it. In this case, simply tuck your shirt into your jeans and get on with your day, wherever it may take you!

What’s your favorite graphic tee outfit? We love hearing your tips and tricks for jazzing up your go-to closet items.

Belinda Clear
Belinda Clear

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