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September 01, 2020 2 min read

It’s too soon before Christmas for anyone to suspect you’re shopping for them, especially when you buy gifts online. That means now’s the time to stock up on those easy-to-hide stocking stuffers!

Here are our top ten hide-able presents you can buy early.

1. Graphic Tees

Everyone has graphic tees, so you can just simply fold them at the bottom of your drawer or hang them deep in your closet. So long as the recipient doesn’t rifle through your drawers, you can disguise the gift as if it was your own.

Tea is a great gift option when you start your early Christmas shopping.

2. Royal Treatmint Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Paper boxes of tea are innocuous enough that you aren’t likely to be caught early Christmas shopping. Put these boxes in a part of your pantry that no one else uses, or inside the box of an appliance that no one bothers to pull out but you.

3. Loosen Me Up Wrap Necklace

Long, elegant necklaces are a beautiful accessory for any wardrobe. These long, flat necklaces can easily curl up in a small space, so you can tuck them inside a drawer for safekeeping.

4. Cute & Quirky Drinkware

Rural Mercantile is known for our clever and sassy mugs, and they make great early Christmas gifts. Do you have a cabinet in your kitchen that no one ever digs through? Hide one of these adorable mugs in plain sight in the back of this cabinet. Chances are slim they’ll find it.

Pink and blue floral ‘Beer Me’ can koozie

5. Koozies / Can Coolers

If you have a loved one who raves about White Claws, they’ll appreciate a koozie that matches their personality. These can flatten up and tuck into your bookshelf or a drawer to easily hide them for months in advance.

6. Scrunchies

Small, soft, and squishy—few stocking stuffers are as easy to stash away as scrunchies. If you’re buying gifts online, these are a safe and trendy option she’ll love.

7. Phone Grips

Everyone can use a phone grip. You can prop up your phone, wrap up your headphone cables, or simply get a better grip while you’re talking on the phone. These make great stocking stuffers.

 Brown speckled gloves and beanie

8. Cable Knit CC Olive Smart Gloves

Gloves are more in demand in winter. If you’re shopping for early Christmas gifts, nab these popular smart gloves soon before they sell out!

9. Gray and White Soft Oversized Blanket Scarf

Like gloves, scarves start to sell like hotcakes as soon as the weather gets chilly. Don’t wait for them to sell out—get these cute and easy-to-hide scarves early on in the year and store them in your closet or drawer.

10. Rural Mercantile Gift Cards

For the person who prefers the gift of shopping over receiving presents, a gift card is an easy choice. Rural Mercantile is full of charming gift ideas for all ages and genders, and buying gifts online at a boutique is much more thoughtful and personal than giving them money or a gift card for a generic store. Where to hide these? Your wallet, of course! Just don’t get tempted to spend it before you give it out. ;)

Belinda Clear
Belinda Clear

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