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October 02, 2020 2 min read

Looking for a not-so-serious gift for a friend with a great sense of humor? These unique gifts from Rural Mercantile are sure to put a smile on both your faces, or a smirk and eye roll at the very least. Read our top ten funniest gift ideas available at our online boutique.

1. Thick-Fil-A Graphic T-Shirt

For the friend who knows they slurp down one too many cookies and cream milkshakes, this snarky gift is a real winner. We wouldn’t blame you if you picked this up for yourself—we all have a weakness for a good chicken sandwich.

2. Why Don't You Binge Watch Your Children 11 oz Mug

This sarcastic coffee mug is really saying what we’re all thinking, isn’t it? Grab this mug for the busy mom in your life.

Calm your teats - mug

3. Calm Your Teets Mug

Know someone who needs to take five and settle down? This snarky gift probably sums up what you want to say some days.

4. Ew People Introvert Mug

Nothing better sums up our feelings about the morning quite like this sarcastic coffee mug. It really resonates with introverts the world over, and it’s sure to get a solid chuckle every time your friend pulls it out of the cupboard.

5. Essence Of Karen Wax Melts

This is one of the funniest gift ideas you can get for a friend who works in retail, food service, or other typical Karen-haunts. Or if you’re brave enough, maybe give it to the Karen in your life. Just don’t get sued, k?

6. It's A Throat Punch Kinda Day Mug

Most coffee addicts can’t even talk to you until they’ve had their morning brew. This sarcastic mug is the perfect gift to tell the household “back off until my mind’s functioning well enough to deal with you.”

Snarky poem tee with jeans on a table

7. Beer's Cheaper Graphic T-Shirt

“Roses are red, violets are blue, beer’s a heck of a lot cheaper than dinner for two.” If you know any dude out there who resonates with this sentiment, pick them up this comfy, quality graphic tee.

8. Hope Your Neighbors Don't Suck Candle

Need a housewarming gift? This is probably the funniest gift ideas for the new homeowner who hopes their neighbors aren’t nightmares!

9. Calm Your Tits Pen

Know someone who needs to chill out and make a list? This snarky gift is perfect.

10. ‘Groceries, Not Tequila’ Funny Tote Bag

This is especially funny for a busy mom who has to tote around screaming toddlers around the grocery store. We all know there’s tequila or wine in there, let’s be honest!

Browse Rural Mercantile for the Funniest Gift Ideas

There’s no end to funny or adorable gifts at Rural Mercantile, and we update our stock all the time. Pair any of your sarcastic coffee mugs with our locally roasted coffee and/or specialized tea for a thoughtful gift!

For the funniest gift ideas that you won’t find anywhere else, shop Rural Mercantile online.

Belinda Clear
Belinda Clear

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